Le centre de soins et de médecine ayurvédique Deepak Chopra est situé au coeur de l'hôtel Dune Eco Village et Spa, près de Pondichéry.
Dune Eco Village et Spa est composé de 62 bungalows uniques, maisons de caractères, chambres, suites et même suites de luxe avec piscine privée.
Chaque maison, chaque chambre est différente; il n'y en a pas deux identiques offrant à chacun la possibilité de choisir en fonction des se goûts ou de son pouvoir d'achat.

Each house has been designed and created by various artists, designers and architects from all over the world, creating an immense variety of atmospheres, styles and architecture. The result is an intricate blend of modern yet ancient, contemporary and traditional as well as conceptual houses.

We are committed to the environment that we live in, and many of our bungalows and furniture are reclaimed from Colonial houses, Chettinad palaces and Kerala planter’s mansions. We bring together luxury and pure natural living.

Our bungalows are fully equipped with solar hot water systems, led lighting and organic linen. Not all our accommodations have air conditioning for environmental reasons; however, we have a constant refreshing sea breeze that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own private garden, lounge or terrace.