Magic Water

Les Romains avaient des bains publics communaux pour leurs citoyens
qu'ils ont appelé S.P.A, ce qui signifie Sanitas Per Aqua (santé par l'eau).

Cette installation se compose d'une piscine de 14 mètres de long partiellement couverte par une vieille maison en bois ramenée du Kerala.
L'eau est salée pour garantir une meilleure flottabilité et chauffée à environ 35 degrés.
L'ensemble est situé au milieu d'un grand jardin privé avec un espace détente.

Today, hydro therapy is used to treat musculo skeletal disorders such as arthritis, spondylitis or spinal cord injuries and patients suffering from stroke or paralysis.

At Magic Water, we offer a large range of treatments depending on the patient and also pure relaxation treatments. Aqua Wellness, Chroma Water, Aqua Gym, Aqua Relax, Aqua Reflexo, Aqua Zen Aichi, Woga (Aqua Yoga)and the famous Watsu®…

Watsu allows the water element to release tensions in muscles and joints, clearing blockages on the physical, emotional and mental levels. The feeling of weightlessness transforms the perception of space and time, bringing a deep sense of relaxation. The patient floats feeling the rhythmic movement of the water, the combination of a light acupressure of energy points, stretching and rocking, making it seem as if they were back in their mother’s womb.  It is said that one hour of Watsu is equivalent to four hours of sleep.

The Watsu® is a method inspired by the Zen Shiatsu developed by Harold Dull in California in the early 80s, and it is now spreading worldwide, including in India. The Watsu ® treatment is done in warm water and rebalances all our energies. It  is based on techniques and theories of Eastern philosophy for the recovery and maintenance of psychophysical well-being. It is a very gentle method using the therapeutic properties of water kept at body temperature.

Recently, an Asian spa association voted Watsu  as the “best treatment” of all therapies offered in Asian spa’s.

We respectfully request you to check with the reservations or reception for watsu treatment reservations. We highly recommend that you plan your watsu sessions well in advance since we have limited availability and are subject to weather condition.

Magic water is based on the Vastu Shastra principle (Indian Feng Shui) by Dr Prabaht Poddar.

MAGIC WATER grand inauguration was blessed by Harold Dull, founder of WATSU® and TANSU in a memorable water session on March 28, 2010.

Magic Water Treatments

No restrictions for pregnant women / for all ages / Couple sessions are most welcome.




Watsu® • Water Shiatsu
4 000 INR
60 minutes
A water body treatment for total relaxation of the physical body and deep relaxation of the mind in hot water for the recovery and maintenance of psychophysical wellbeing. This energy work release joint and muscle tension in the harmony of rhythm and breath, emotional tensions can be relieved, leads to letting go and take to overcome fears. Philosophy for the recovery and maintenance of psychophysical well-being. A unique experience ! It can reborn. A real aquatic art!
Aqua Reflexo© • Reflexology in water
3750 INR
45 minutes
New sensation in a state of flotation, this treatment stimulate the reflex points of all organs through acupressure. Pressure points of the foot being less sensitive in water than on land, energy work is deeper. Reflexology an adjusted with the pleasure of the practice in hot water. Drainage and relaxation are guaranteed!
Aqua Relax • Relaxing Body Massage
3 750 INR
45 minutes
Body massage with smooth floats on the benefits of hot water Promise of aquatic relaxation.
Aqua Wellness® • Subaquatic Body Work
4 000 INR
60 minutes
A combination soft stretching, massage, joint release as well as energy and breath work in a unique way above and below water. it s focuses mainly on underwater movements, which are both deeply relaxing and revealing.
Especially designed movements allow the whole spine to swing and let the energy flow again.  Chronic physical pain as well as emotional tensions can be released. This form of therapy invites you to experience a completely unique way of healing in water and undertake a journey back to your origins, into the endless depth of your inner ocean.
Aqua Zen Aichi • Meditation and Relaxation
3 000 INR
60 minutes
Individual or group session. A combination creates techniques of Tai -Chi and QiGong, a performance in the water to access relief from arthritis pain, fibromalgiques and impairments of balance. Ai Chi takes us into a deep breathing meditation.
Dolphin Dance
4 000 INR
60 minutes
Connection with the dolphin energy in the flow of water, immersion with Sufi rotation. Full fluidity sensation!
Woga©  (Aqua Yoga)
3 000 INR
60 minutes
Individual session group session. The Woga® or Yoga in the water combines stretching with HataYoga asanas and postures which are derived, work awareness of the breath coming in part, Pranayama and concentration and relaxation exercises. The entire body is unified with building muscle strength and flexibility and reducing stress by promoting relaxation.
Aqua Gym • Exercising and Stretching
2500 INR
45 minutes
Individual or group session. A form of gymnastics performed in water, an activity without risk, accessible to all, for there is no mechanical stress.Ideal to maintain shape, develop cardiovascular capacity while avoiding aches.
Chroma Water
2 000 INR  30 minutes
In the evening only. Chromatherapy is a method of harmonization and aid in healing certain disorders, physical or emotional, through the use of color. The assumption is based on the sensory organs, the sight. Under this discipline, the colors have a direct influence on the mind and body.
Hydro Therapy • Water Jacuzzy
2 000 INR 30 minutes
30 minutes Hot water session in our jacuzzy. Relaxation guaranteed!

*Taxe as applicable

Magic Water packages

Packages Price start at* Duration
Magic Water 2 days program treatment
23 000 INR 2 days
1st day: Aqua Yoga & Aqua Wellness in morning. Watsu & Chroma Water in evening 2nd day: Aichi & Aqua Relax in morning. Aqua Gym & Aqua Welness in evening
Magic Water 3 days program treatment
33 750 INR 3 days
1st day: Aqua Yoga & Aqua Reflexo in morning. Watsu & Chroma Water in evening.
2nd day: Aichi & Aqua Relax in morning. Aqua Gym & Aqua Welness in evening
3rd day: Hydro therapy & Aqua Relax in morning. Dolphin Dance & Chroma Water in evening

*Taxe as applicable

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