Dune Healing Center Brochure

Feel free to download our brochure: Dune Healing Center at Dune Eco Village and Spa.

Click on the image to download the Dune healing Center brochure with tariffs and cure details.

Dune Healing Center Tariffs Brochure 2024
Dune Healing Center Tariffs Brochure 2024

Dune Healing Center Brochure.pdf

Our Ayurvedic programs are inclusive of:

  • Consultation with Doctor for Dosha type, personalized diet recommendation, lifestyle changes and practices.
  • Daily personalised dosha based Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and diner as per Doctor prescription
  • Daily therapeutic Ayurvedic massage or treatment given with specialized medicated oils carefully chosen by the doctor based on your body type and health issues.
  • One cooking session of Ayurveda diet with recipe and guidance
  • Ayurvedic Herbal or Steam bath (as recommended)
  • Daily 1 hour of morning Yoga
  • Daily 1 hour of evening Meditation.
  • Health drink in the morning & Ayurvedic diet with garden fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables.
  • All natural organic Ayurvedic herbal medications (freshly made without any chemical preservatives)
  • Doctor consultations and monitoring of progress
  • Very individualized care
  • Please not that depending on your health condition the Doctor can adjust the content of the program

Please note that rates of this brochure does not include accommodation for the stay..