Our programs

We offer Hatha Yoga Classes after Yesudian on 5 days a week.

In the morning classes we welcome the day with the sun-salute, afterwards everybody can enjoy the breakfast. This is followed by a day of your own design. It is possible to attend another Yoga class in the afternoon. Here we offer usually yoga for the back, but also deep relaxation sessions. Yoga for the back is suitable not only for people who have problems with their back but also for those who sit a lot in the everyday life, or have a long flight behind them. It helps to mobilize and stabilize your back, but also to train your core musculature. The Yoga classes last about 80 to 90 minutes.

Are the Yoga Classes included in the room price?

No the room price doesn’t include the Yoga Class. Please send us a message to receive more information on the prices and packages.

Can you visit our Yoga Class if you stay in another Hotel?

Yes, it is possible. Please send us a message to receive more information on the prices and packages

Who can attend the Yoga Classes? Can I come if I am absolute Beginner? Can I come if I practice yoga regulary since a long time?

As far as your medical conditions allows everybody can attend the Yoga Class. Our guests and yoga students are between 17 years to the age of retirement and their experience levels, as far as yoga is concerned, range from the first try out of yoga to 25 years of yoga experience. The classes are designed for new bees and intermediate students but are also suitable for longterm practicioners. It is a hands on experience.

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