Deidi von Schaewen

After studying painting at the Berlin School of Fine Arts, Deidi Von Schaewen chose photography. She has immortalized the greatest achievements of contemporary architects - Ricardo Bofill Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando Jean Nouvel.
But the work of Von Deidi Schaewen in parallel under another obsession: the ephemeral, the testimony of our urban and rural civilizations have disappeared.

This work is in the long term: the walls in 1961, the scaffolding (or “roofed architectures”) from 1966, the sidewalks since 1977.
Endlessly, she travels the world in search of the unexpected: monuments disappearing in the effects of veils or contrasts of shimmering fabrics, Indian towers around which wind bamboo constructions that seem as fragile as unstable.
Since the 90s, Deidi von Schaewen has collaborated with the Taschen Editions and published his photographs of French gardens, eccentric residences and Indian interiors. It was while traveling for Inside Africa in 2001 that she was fascinated by precarious dwellings, huts made of barrels flattened and assembled in patchwork of colored paints, graffiti and rust, which are used by semi-nomads to store their goods. . She also marvels at the unused cars of Cairo packed in plain or multicolored fabrics, waiting for gasoline or repair.
Since 1972 she makes movies and videos.
© Deidi Von Schaewen