Weddings at the Dune are a very special affair.

Each wedding at Dune is specially designed and organized using our 35 acres landscaped garden, our 2 antique Kalyana Mandapa∗, our private beach, our 62 bungalows and our 2 restaurants.

We have a special team dedicated for the wedding, overseeing design, decoration, light, music and cuisine.

The way we organize weddings is very special and unique, a must.

The mandapa (Sanskrit मण्डप), also spelled in the south of India mantapa or mandapam, is a room with columns in the architecture of Hindu temples.
The Kalyana Mandapa is dedicated to the celebration of the Lord’s ritual marriage with the Goddess.
In contemporary terms, it also represents a space in which a Hindu wedding is performed.
The bride and groom revolve around a sacred fire lit by the officiating priest in the center of the mandapa.

    We love to organize wedding ceremonies.
    This is the reason why we have rebuild an antique Mandapa on our resort.
    Please ask us everything you need. We will be proud to help you to organise such a big event!



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