Restaurant "Calvé"
We have design a simple healthy menu to give you a sumptuous dining experience.

Mediterranean French Cuisine includes the cooking styles of Provence, Occitania and the island of Corsica. Mediterranean Italian cuisine includes much of Italy outside the north and the mountainous inland regions. It is a diverse cuisine, but among its best-known and most characteristic foods are risotto, pizza and pasta ans spaghetti. Greek cuisine is part of the larger tradition of Ottoman cuisine, the names of the dishes revealing Arabic, Persian or Turkish roots: moussaka, tzatziki, yuvarlakia and bourekiLevantine cuisine is the cooking of the Levant (including the Middle Eastern Mediterranean coast, east of Egypt). Among the most distinctive foods of this cuisine are traditional small meze dishes such as tabbouleh, hummus and baba ghanoush. Maghrebi cuisine includes the cuisines of Algeria, Libya, Marroco and TunisiaOne of the most characteristic dishes of the region is couscous served with a stew.

Our food is made-to-order, using fresh vegetables, as much as possible coming straight from our 2 Organic farm at Elephant Valley Kodaikanal and Dune .

The bread, the jam, the pastries are all home made at our Puduchery Beach Eco Village, The Dune.

We don’t use any canned product or ready made frozen dish. No Glutamate. No chemicals colors and other taste enhancer.

Our Chef loves new ideas and you are welcome to learn a new recipe or even teach him a few!

Feel free to speak to him for special meal requests – we always do our best to cater to your needs!

Private special dinner

We organise private, tailor-made dinners, in beautiful settings for those unforgettable moments.

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