At Dune Mawar Villas, each house is equipped with state of the art kitchen.
You can cook, your maid can,
a chef can come on request and cook for you
or you can simply order from one of the local catering service.

Each house has got a large dinning table you can enjoy eating on, a big open-kitchen and a comfortable sofa for relaxing or watching a movie.

The big kitchen are perfect for any cooking enthusiast. It’s fully-equipped, and contains most of the basics you’ll need (oil, vinegar, salt, spices… No need to do your dishes, our maid will take care of them the next day.

She can even prepare you some authentic Balinese food, your only expense being the raw food ingredients (ask or go with her to the local market)

Go into full-on relax mode and enjoy food delivery from one of the many exciting restaurants in the areas, delivering from Italian to Japanese and from Vegan to French cuisine. We hand-picked a list of our favorite menus, all you gotta do is make the choice. The list will be available in the kitchen.

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