Thérapies Ayurvédiques Spéciales

Nous, au Chopra Healing Centre, offrons des traitements ayurvédiques sous la supervision d'un médecin qualifié et de thérapeutes bien formés en milieu naturel. Nos thérapies sont conçues pour stimuler votre esprit en renforçant votre corps et votre intellect.

Special therapies are programmed for specific conditions which has to be taken after consulting with our doctor since herbal combination and number of days of treatment might differ from person to person.

Prices* start at…
Prices are exclusive of taxes
Luxurious Oil Bath Massage • Pizhichil

₹   4 850,00

Herbal Powder Massage • Udvartanam

₹   3 400,00

Rice Pudding Massage • Njavara Kizhi

₹   4 250,00

Leaf Pouch Massage • Patra Pinda Swedam

₹   3 250,00

Spinal Oil Bath • Kativasti

₹   2 250,00

Revitalization of Mind • Shirodhara

₹   4 250,00

Head Pack • Shiro Lepam

₹   1 950,00

Herbal Bath • Steam Bath Nadi Svedam

₹   1 450,00

Disease Management

By consultation with Doctor

Taxes as applicable

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We encourage you to schedule your Spa services well in advance of your visit to ensure the widest selection of treatments and appointment times.

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