Ayurveda & Other Therapies

The Dune Healing Center is located on the beautiful grounds of the world-renowned Dune Eco Village and Spa, Puducherry, South India. This resort is offering a rare and large variety of accommodations.

A complete program covers detox, cleansing treatments, Yoga and breathing exercises, meditation, use of herbal remedies along with massages and other holistic practices and a special vegetarian Ayurvedic food diet.

Dune Healing Center provides also more than 50 external and internal therapies ranging from a simple relaxing experience to a complete cure for serious medical problems.
Please take time to discover our large range of therapies and treatments:

Ayurvedic Cures at Chopra Healing Center

Ayurvedic Cure Programs:


Some Ayurvedic cures:

  • Ayurveda Discovery
  • Detoxification Program / Panchakarma Chikitsa²
  • Rejuvenation Program / Rasayana Chikitsa
  • Anti Stress Program / Manashanti
  • Slimming Program / Lekhaneeyam Chikitsa
  • Beauty Care Program / Soundarya Chikitsa

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Ayurveda Special Therapies symbol

Ayurveda Special Therapies

  • Luxurious Oil Bath Massage • Pizhichil
  • Herbal Powder Massage • Udvartanam
  • Rice Pudding Massage • Njavara Kizhi
  • Leaf Pouch Massage • Patra Pinda Swedam
  • Spinal Oil Bath • Kativasti
  • Revitalization of Mind • Shirodhara
  • Head Pack • Shiro Lepam
  • Herbal Bath • Steam Bath Nadi Svedam
  • Disease Management by consultation with Doctor

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Ayurvedic therapies and Ayurveda beauty treatments

Ayurveda Beauty Treatments

  • Royal Facial • Mukhalepam
  • Beauty Skin Care • Soundarya
  • Body Wrap
  • Body Scrub

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Picture of a deep Tissue massage with the elbow

Other Therapies

At Dune Healing Center we also promote various other therapies like:

  • Aromatherapy massages
  • Deep tissue massages
  • Thai massages
  • Reflexology
  • Swedish massages

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Chopra Healing Cnter Spa-shop and Ayurvedic Pharmacy

Spa Shop And Pharmacy

The medicine we use are produced by ourself (yes, we have a Ayurvedic plant garden) and few renowned Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. All ayurvedic medecines that we provide to you during your treatment can be bought at our Spa Shop / Pharmacy. This way you can go home by bringing treatments for a duration that you will set in accordance with our doctor.
We strongly recommend you to plan this approach because some preparations require several days of preparation to be available.

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Doctor Deepti

Our In-House Doctor

All treatments are under the supervision of our in-house Doctor Indira Priyadharshini, a professional physician exclusively available for the care and wellness of guests at Dune. Graduated from one of India’s reputed Ayurvedic Medical College, Dr Indira is specialized in various Ayurvedic treatments, traditional therapies and skin care treatments integrating various natural therapeutic traditions.

The guests can engage with the doctor even before their arrival, consulting online, diagnosing and prescribing a perfect balance of wellness therapies to devise bespoke treatments and programs to meet your individual needs.

We encourage you to complete our confidential form and send it to our Doctor to customize your futur cure and stay.

Engage dialog with our doctor!

Picture of the Dune Health platter

Health organic food

For the Perfect Health Program member and for all our cure programs, a dedicated customized diet menu will be given to the restaurant by our Doctor, after your first consultation.We serve healthy, gourmet fresh food, using vegetables coming straight from our 2 organic certified farms.

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The yoga hall at Dune Healing Center In Dune Eco Village and Spa

Yoga and meditation

The Dune Healing Center is founded on three pillars of timeless wisdom: Meditation, Ayurveda, and Yoga.

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Massage table specialized for massage using hot oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions. These answers are based on more than ten years of experience in our Ayurvedic center.

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