Restaurant "The Verandah In The Forest"
We offer Indian and European fusion cuisine and some-Parsis and Bohras specialities.
Room service available on request. Private dinner are available on request on advance notice.

The basic feature of a Parsi lunch is rice, eaten with lentils or a curry. Curry is made with coconut and ras without, with curry usually being thicker than ras. Dinner would be a meat dish, often accompanied by potatoes or other vegetable curry. Kachumbar (a sharp onion-cucumber salad) accompanies most meals. Also popular among Parsis, but less so elsewhere, are the typical Parsi eeda (egg) dishes, which include Akuri (scrambled eggs with spices) and the pora (“Parsi” omelette). Also, vegetables like Okra, tomato and potato and others are often cooked with eggs on top.

Our food is made-to-order, using fresh vegetables, as much as possible coming straight from our 2 Organic farm at Elephant Valley Kodaikanal and Dune Eco Village .

The bread, the jam, the pastries are all home made.

We don’t use any canned product or ready made frozen dish. No Glutamate. No chemicals colors and other taste enhancer.

Our Chef loves new ideas and you are welcome to learn a new recipe or even teach him a few!

Feel free to speak to him for special meal requests – we always do our best to cater to your needs!

Private Special Dinner

We organise private, tailor-made dinners, in beautiful settings inside our private gazebo on the side of the house (see pictures above) for those unforgettable moments on advance notice.

No Room avavailable, please change dates