Artistes en résidence

Artistes en Résidence (A.I.R.) est un programme international destiné à inciter les artistes à créer!

AIR = Artiste en résidence

Dans notre effort pour promouvoir l’art et la culture, nous offrons le programme AIR Artist in Residence. Nous donnons un studio et un espace de vie paisible dans la nature, pour que les artistes nourrissent leur esprit créatif.

Nous sommes ouverts à toutes les nationalités et nous offrons un point de rencontre pour que les artistes puissent vivre, se rencontrer, travailler et explorer la riche culture de l’Inde du Sud.

Les projets sont ouverts aux artistes qui veulent créer sur place et développer leur art et leurs projets dans notre espace ouvert unique.

Nous encourageons l’utilisation des ressources locales et travaillons avec des artisans locaux.

Les résidences sont disponibles pour 1 mois en décembre, janvier, février et mars chaque année.

Pour avoir plus d’information ou soumettre un projet, merci de prendre contact par mail avec
Nous avons déjà reçu des très nombreux artistes, des plus connus jusqu’aux plus débutants.
Ecrivains, cinéastes,chanteurs, musiciens, sculpteurs, photographes….et bien d’autres ont profité du programme AIR pour faire un séjour à Dune Eco village & Spa.
Voici quelques projets et ou artistes qui ont profité de ce séjour pour créer:



  • Décembre • Nitish Joshi (Photographe) Un témoignage sur la vie des pêcheurs locaux
  • Décembre • Shivani Alhowalia (Musicienne) Elle est venue pour écrire son nouvel album
  • Janvier • Tona (Artiste de rue) 7 nouvelles peintures réalisées au sein de Dune Eco Village et Spa


  • Février • Frederic Delangle (Photographe) La vie des rues de Pondichéry et une timeline sur Bénarès. Site web: Site de Frederic Delangle
  • Février • Aurel (Peintre) Création d’un temple et de 20 œuvres

Aurele 4

  • Mars • Dom K (Peintre) Une séries de 10 collages


  • Novembre-Décembre • Théo Lescot Pardon (Peintre) Création d’un livre d’art et de plusieurs tableaux à l’intérieur de Dune. S’il vous plaît visitez son site :

Painting_on _rickshaw_the_vision_of__Lost_Paradise_by_theo_lescot

  • December • Julien Colombier (Graphic Artist) Preparation of an exhibition in Paris

Art 24

  • January • Heidi Kampfer (Sculptor) A new series of sculpture made with recycle materials taken from the beach and burned buildings.
  • February • Frederic Delangle (Photographer)
  • February • Jean Paul Ganem (Land Artist) Creation of a large landscape design next to the swimming pool
  • March • Nicolas Jardry (Photographer) A photo reportage of Dune


  • March • Gilles Bourget (Painter) A serie of 20 paintings



  • February • Jean Marc Dumont Second residence to make wood sculpture.
  • April • Yaze Yassine Meknache (Painter) A collaboration with Artyzan Atelier for producing birds in embroidery.
  • September-October • Hugo Chamoux (Movie Maker). Creation of 2 short film on Dune and Artyzan.

Art 20


collage copy

  • February • Mosko & Ass Creation of a wall painting with animal on Artyzan building opposite to the reception.
  • February • Frederic Delangle (Photographer) Continuation of his residence of the past 2 years, photos on Indian shops and road crossing.
  • March • Ira Trivedi (Writer) After 2 years of research she came to put together her new book. India In Love
  • December • Shivani Alhowalia (Musician) Writting of songs and concert in Auroville.


  • January • Kimia Kline (Painter) She did a workshop on collage with the Art Pyramid School students from Auroville.
  • February • Frederic Martin (Sculptor) Produced a series of plaster of Paris sculpture moulding the faces of the guests in clay.

Art 16

  • February • Artiste Ouvrier (Street artist and painter) A 15 days workshop with the Art Pyramid School students from Auroville on how to make a manuscript. Wall painting of the Wood house 2.


  • February • Frederic Delangle (Photographer) Continuation of his residence of the past 2 years, photos on Indian shops and road crossing.

atelier au sol

  • March • Zeto (Painter) Personnal research on faces, you can see one of his work in the kitchen wall. Also did a large wall painting on Artyzan parking.
  • December • Heidi Kampfer (Sculptor) A series of sculpture made with recycle materials taken from the beach and burned buildings.


  • March • Jean-Marc Dumont (Graphic Designer and Sculptor) He spend the all month working within our carpentry worshop. He made all the Dune property signagne using reclaimed wood and a fabulous chair-sculpture on use next to the réception.

Art 09

  • December • Teresa Assencia (Writer-director, Yoga Teacher) She came to write a new documentary on Cassical Indian Dance. During her stay she did a « Yoga for Parents and Chidren » Workshop at Paradise Spa.


  • January-February • Frédéric Delangle (Photographer) Since university Frédéric is working on a personal «photographic research» based on landscape. He created some important series like « Ahmedabad no life last night», «périphérie périphérique», «plages». He is working on a continuous work based on urban landscape that the top up during his trips. His medium is a «chambre 4X5 inch».
  • March • Bruno Sauerwein (Photographer) Came to work on his project « India on the Move ». Made an exhibition at The French Alliance. Decorated the Courtyard House at the Dune with his pictures and worked on limited series of book-cover with Artyzan.

Art 59

  • August • Candace Feit (Photographer) Photographer based in Delhi for 3 years came to work on her project about fishermen. Please check her wonderful work on :
  • December • Chantal Jumel She came to document herself for a documentary and a book on Kolams.


  • February • Michel Spinoza (French film maker) came to document himself and write the scenario of his new movie. Movie shot in 2011 in Pondicherry with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal. Son épouse


  • August-October • Katell «ARTD’ECO» ART D’ECO means ECOlogical ART. Her work philosophy and ethic is to develop the potential of recycling/re-using of waste and unwanted materials in the field of design. Her creations of light fittings recycling aluminium blinds can be seen in the spa and reuse of water tank in the children playground.

Art 08

  • December • Speedy Graphito A Parisian Painting artist born in the sixties. He is one of the father of the french Street Art who emerge in France during the 80’s and he is also part of the «Figuration libre» movement. Is a very good friend of Jérôme Mesnager the «godfather» of our residence. During his stay he print his paw colorfully all over the Dune, painting a car, a gate. And gave us a live paints show for new year’s Eve.

Art 40


  • December/January • Nicolas Chorier (Photographer) One of the finest exponents of kite photography has spent the last 10 years traveling and photographing the length and breadth of India. Kite photography is unique, eco-friendly and gives a perspective that is not possible through other aerial means. He documented the Dune from the sky.

Art 61


  • February • Danasegar (Pondicherry Tamil Painter) Starting of a sculpture on a tree trunk deposited by the Tsunami.
  • March / April • Keïty Anjoure (Contemporary Dancer) She explores, with classic dancers, yogi masters, and Indian contemporary artists some of the symbolic, energetic and emotional values, the “Mudras”, the hand gestures in Indian dance. 11th & 14th March: Performance at the Alliance Française of Pondicherry and Chennai.


  • July / September • Brigitte Nahon (Artist) Brigitte Nahon spends 3 months creating Sculptures, installations, and drawings. Balance and imbalance, solidity and fragility, heaviness and lightness, ephemeral and eternity are the essential meaning of her daily commitment of her Art. NAHON is one of the emerging Artist on the international scene, as shown by the ever present interest for her work from museums, institutions, galleries and collectors worldwide. The Garden room N°6 has been fully painted by her. Check it out, it’s surprising…


  • December / February • The Crossroads concert series #1 and #2. Susheela Raman, Internationally renowned Tamil born London based singer, Paul Jacob, Tamil producer and musician from Chennai and The Dune produce 2 concerts.

Baul 3

Tamil Voodoo on 26th january was a musical journey into the intensity and vitality of the Tamil Bhakti and Trance drumming traditions, working with some leading urban talents. It was a musical collaboration featuring Bhakti singing legend Kovai Kamala, Tamil Londoner Susheela Raman and her guitarist-producer, Sam Mills. Chennai’s own Funky Bodhi, along with drummers representing the Tattapam and Tudumbattam traditions of Tanjore and Mettupalayam.


Songs Of The Madmen on 24th february was another musical journey into the devotional music in collaboration with the Bauls singers from Bengal, Vincent Segal from France, Susheela Raman, Sam Mills and Bonnie Chakraborty from Chennai. The Bauls are free spirited, anti-orthodox musical mystics, strong individuals who defy the conventions of both the householder and the renouncer. The Baul tradition upholds the body as the arena of self-realization…With their intense musicality, earthy passion and mystical riddles their music is fierce, poignant, unpretentious and full of love; Bengal’s gift to the world. Both concerts where attended by around 600 persons.

Tamil Concert


Art 81

December / January • Sylvie de la Dure (French Architect and Artist) Ephemeral Intervention on the beach “A toutes les âmes qui peuplent le ciel”, a reminder of the tsunami affected victims.


February • Leopold Koussikas (Painter) 20 paintings on the subject of memory.

Art 47


  • January / February • William Wilson (Painter) Creates a “Zen Garden” on the site of the residence. (destroyed by the tsunami). Prepares the book Aglaé en Inde, édition Jalan.
  • January / June • André Cervera (Painter) He came to complete his studies on Indian deities, exposition in April of these studies at the Aurodham gallery in Pondicherry.

Art 44

  • February • Jérôme Mesnager (Painter) Creates a blue wall on the site (400 m long, destroyed by the tsunami).


  • February / March • NoART (Designer) Together with local iron-workers and carpenters, he creates the iconic Dune beach gate (Miracle …. It survived the tsunami!).


  • December • Emmanuelle Renard et Frederic Kleinberg (ACT 2) (Painter) Project of giant etching with road roller not finished because of Tsunami disaster on the site of the Residence. Creation of two paper frescos (2 rolls of 18 m) on the subject of the Tsunami.

Art 33


  • January • Jean-Lionel Breuil (Illumination artist) Leads a 15 day workshop on light creation. Sets up illumination for the restaurant and the gardens

Art 17

  • January / March • François Weil (Sculptor) Private studies in the quarry and the atelier of Mr. Ramalingam. Creates a granite fountain for the Hotel Le Dupleix in Pondichéry with Mr. Ramalingam’s team.
  • January / March • André Cervera (Painter) Leads a workshop on the subject “Painting in Music” in collaboration with the group “Medicis” who composed the sound track of the performance. Private studies on Indian deities.
  • February • Jérôme Mesnager (Painter) Exposition of 50 pictures on the subject of “Ganesh” at the Alliance Française in Pondicherry.
  • July / August • Caroline Lejeune (Painter) Leads a 15 day workshop on the subject “How to proceed from photo to canvas”.
  • July / August • Marie-Claude Beck (Painter) Leads a 15 day workshop on the subject of Paper. Private studies on the subject of Memory.


  • February • Jérôme Mesnager (Painter) Continues his studies on “Ganesh”.
  • July / August • Mariane Guyader (Sculptor) Leads a 15 day workshop on sculpture with terracotta / baked clay with the students of the Art School of Auroville on the subject of “The Poet’s House”. Training in sculpture on bronze (lost wax) within the workshop “Raja” at Swamimalai.

Art 46

  • August • Emma Foreman (Painter and sculptor) Creates a sculpture on granite. Training in sculpture on bronze (lost wax) within the workshop “Raja” at Swamimalai.
  • July / August • Tim Laser (Musician and flute player) Creates a first long feature movie in DV. Creates the sound track with Indian instruments.


  • February / March • Jérôme Mesnager (Painter) Leads a 15 day workshop to create a wall painting on the subject of the galaxy. Prepare a private study on the subject of “Ganesh”.

groupe 1

  • March • Jean-Louis Dulaard (Painter) Private studies about colour and paper and interaction with local artists.
  • July / August • Dhin Thi Tien (Photographer and video artist) Leads a 15 day workshop on the subject “How to make a film”. Makes 3 short films with 15 participants.

Art 48



  • March / April • Pascal Arnold (Author and director) & Jean Marc Barr (Actor, author and co-director) Writing of the screenplay “Being light” and location of the set. August : shooting of the film “Being light” (starring Romain Duris, Elodie Bouchez and Jean-Marc Barr) the third and last film of a trilogy Dogma on liberty.