At the Olive Ridley Restaurant, you will find a menu fusing Sri Lankan and European food cultures.

Our bar serves also a wide range of fresh fruit juices, teas and expresso coffee.

Olive Ridley Restaurant

At the Olive Ridley restaurant, you will find a diverse menu fusing Sri Lankan and European food cultures, and you will also have a great view of the shimmery turquoise sea located right in front of the hotel.
Our food is made-to-order, using as many fresh and organic products as possible.
We also promote healthy menu, Ayurvedic, Low Carb, Vegan and Gluten free food.
We don’t use any canned product or ready made frozen dish, absolutely no Glutamate nor chemical colors and other taste enhancers. 

Our bar also serves a wide range of tasty fresh fruit juices, cocktails and a tea selection from Sri Lanka.
At the Olive Ridley restaurant our chef loves new ideas, so you are more than welcome to teach him, or learn a new recipe. Feel free to speak to him for special meal requests; we always do our best to cater to your needs.

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