About Yoga

We offer Hatha Yoga Classes after Yesudian on 5 days a week, up to 2 Classes per day.

What is Hatha Yoga of Yesudian?

Selvarajan Yesudian was born in Madras, South India in 1916. As the son of a respected and well-to-do physician, he had many privileges in the Indian cast system. But he could not make any use of that because of his health. Until he had reached the age of an adult, he had gone through all the life-threatening illnesses that were to be feared. His own father could not help him until he found the way to yoga as a youngster. Yesudian became healthier and healthier through his daily practice and grew up to become a handsome and healthy young man. After finishing his school years successfully, he went to Europe in 1936 to study medicine. Together with Elisabeth Haich, a close friend, he brought not only yoga to the Europeans but also published numerous books, lectured and founded several Yogaschools in Switzerland. His most famous work “Sport and Yoga” was sold over 4 million times. In 1990, Yesudian handed over his schools to his longtime friend and pupil Rolf Heim. This still hosts summer seminars and yogaretreats. Yesudian died in 1998 at the age of 82 years in Switzerland after a satisfying life.

A typical Yoga Class of Yesudian starts and ends in Savasana, in the beginning of the Class it is followed by an affirmation or dedication which leads us through the Class. Yoga means to align and connect your breath, body and mind with each other, that’s why we will practice Pranayama (one or two of the breathing techniques). right before we start with the Warm Up and Asanas The Class ends in Meditation.