Elephant Valley Coffee

Organically grown, 100% Arabica coffee powder

Our blend is a mix of organically grown Arabica from the finest coffee growing regions of South India.
Our farm and plantation is certified by IMO switzerland

This limited edition of gourmet coffee is processed, roasted and packed at our plantation.

Our coffee is grown amongst indigenous trees, fruit trees and exotic species making it ecologically sustainable and environment friendly.

Elephant Valley coffee is available at the Dune Eco Village & Spa and Dune Mansion, Puduchery and Tanjore Hi, Tanjavur and Dune Mansion Calvé in Puducherry.

We can also deliver anywhere in India. A 250g pack of freshly roasted coffee will cost INR 290 + courier charges.

To order please email to booking@dunecogroup.com

Coffee History

Modern historians say that coffee was first cultivated and brewed in a province of Ethiopia called «Kaffee». 

Though first cultivated and brewed in Ethiopia, coffee first gained its widespread popularity in Yemen.

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Moonsoon Coffee

India played a key role in breaking the Mocha coffee monopoly.
In 1670 Baba-ud-din an Indian Muslim pilgrim smuggled seven viable coffee seeds out of Mecca and planted them in the mountains near Mysore.