Gary Schmid

Gary Schmid is an internationally acclaimed Luxury Hotel and Resort Photographer. Beside his specialities in interior, lifestyle and food photography he conducts also other commercial photography projects in the fashion and advertising industry.

He is registered with several high end hotel chains and for each and every brand the photography style is individually adapted to the brand philosophy without compromise on quality. You will see the portfolio is very varied and there is no defined style because every project, or every hotel, is unique and has to be showcased in its best advantage.

Gary’s photography is professional and innovative and he has over 16 years experience in this field. Gary Schmid is officially a Canon Explorer in the Canon Ambassadors Programme.


Gary works usually as team of two, either with an assistant or a stylist, depending on the project. The team of stylists is very experienced and can cover interior styling, wardrobe and food styling. The post production is done from his in house creatives and supervised by himself. Beside arranging models he can offer together with his team state of the art video production including areal (drone) footage, 360 degree video.


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For general and work inquiries please contact:
Gary Schmid
Madina Tower JLT
P.O.Box 9730

Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  +971 (0)50 7483667