Organic Farm

Welcome to our Organic Farm

Dune has 7 acres of farm with cows, compost yard and nursery
where crop diversification is undertaken to produce
as much vegetables, pulses, rice and fruits needed
to supply the Fun Restaurant and the Seafood Bar.

You are most welcome to visit our Organic Farm. It is situated at the south end of the property and it is spread around 7 acres.

Dairy Farm timings for cow milking is 3.45pm to 4.30pm. you can also buy some plants in our nursery.
Our Jersey cows are Ganeshan, Ganga, Kaveri, Shenbagam, Gumki, Uma, Maheshwari, Sevanthi, Monisha

The Farm is composed of:

A plant Nursery for tress, ornemental plants, Cactus and Orchids.

A small Green house for raising the vegetables and trees seedlings.

One acre of vegetable garden cultivated in a bio-intensive way by a raised bed system. This technique proves that up to 4 times more produce can be cultivated and harvested on the same surface compared to conventional tilling system.

One acre of vegetable garden cultivated by the conventional tilling method used by farmers but intercropped with the coconut plantation for crop diversification.

One acre of mix fodder for the cows and flowers for the rooms.

One acre of fruit plants (bananas, lime, guava, amla, papayas, pineapples…) intercropped with the coconut plantation for intensification of cultivation.

One acre of rice field demonstrating the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) which uses less water and can produce up to 25 % more yield per acre. This technique, wich was discovered in the eighties in Madagascar, is now used worldwide and has been successfully adopted by Indian farmers in South India

A Vermi composting unit integrating all the organic waste from the restaurant and staff cafeteria.

A composting yard to demonstrate how to produce compost of higher quality whilst using less cow dung.

A multi purpose farm shed integrating cows to produce the organic milk for the restaurant.

An office space and a seed bank for the collection and storage of genetic resources.